Personal development trainer? Coach?

Who is a coach? What does it mean to be a good coach? Many coaches and coaching philosophies are available in both Warsaw and Poland. But does that mean good coaching? In Warsaw or elsewhere? Does a coach equal a personal development trainer? Do personal trainers – available in a large number in Warsaw – also deal with coaching for business purposes?

A potential coaching client – both business and non-business – may have many questions and doubts. He/she is entitled to have their questions answered in order to verify the coach’s potential and satisfy the coaching needs of an individual, team or business. That is the reason why we like to meet with our potential clients, answer their questions and design a method in our understanding responding to their needs. We also update our method accordingly and are open to any kind of feedback. We have references from our clients at our disposal.

On our website you will find short resumes describing our coaches’ professional experience. We find that in our everyday practice diversity is our advantage. Thanks to diversity and both our experience and knowledge we are able to design unique training and coaching projects. We sincerely hope that within our team you will be able to find someone who will accompany you in your personal or business journey. Or maybe you would like to learn coaching along with us? As a team of teachers we offer not only specific knowledge but also an individualized approach towards coaching. We strongly believe that everyone can discover his or her way to become a champion.


Our Team