Julian Stec

Since over 25 years I am working for the pharmaceutical industry. In the beginning I was a sales and marketing representative concluding my career with working in clinical trials as a line manager in Poland, other European countries, North and South Americas as well as in the Middle East. Throughout my managerial career I have had success introducing coaching and coaching tools supporting the development of my reports and their careers. I have been responsible for team and individuals coaching on all possible levels. I am a Managerial Study graduate from the Warsaw School of Economics, I also graduated from the Warsaw University with a major in geography. Lately I have been actively working as a coach assisting and inspiring clients to discover more effective methods of reaching goals both private and business.

What is coaching for me?

When I feel that something is not working in my reality I know that the first and mostly final step to take is changing my way of thinking. It begins with awaking consciousness that I am stuck in an ineffective pattern, which means that I think and do things as usual waiting for a different outcome. It’s like always taking the same bus to work and being surprised that it’s crowded. Or sawing tulips and waiting for an oak to grow.

To be precise: coaching is a process during which I learn to have more distance to my reality in order to be able to notice what kind of thoughts I think and actions I take and then learn how to change them into tools I need to receive the desired reality. Coaching is not only a conversation with asking questions. It is also a tool. Or in other words a knowledge of creating and using all available resources to know how to change things that are not good for me into useful things. Coaching is an invitation to a change for the better.

People often ask: who am I? And I have spent a majority of my life looking for an answer to this question. The closer I was to the answer the more irritated I felt. As if instead of opening a new door I was constantly locking the old one. I finally realized that I feel much more comfortable with the question: who do I want to be? Who do I want to be here and now, tomorrow, always? This way space for curiosity appeared. Discoveries appeared. I invite everyone to this journey with me.