– How long do you have to wait for a change? – asked the apprentice.
– If you intend to wait it shall be very long. – answered the master.

Life Coaching

When should one focus on personal development? What is life coaching? What possibilities of life coaching are there in Warsaw?

Life coaching is a popular description of individual coaching support. In personal coaching the client first chooses a potential coach, sets desired goals and begins the coaching process. Both coaching duration and the time of a coaching session (1 to 1,5 hours) are individually decided upon.

Life coaching is a universal form of personal development therefore it is important to take time to find the right personal coach. Before the coaching process begins we invite our clients to meet their potential coach, ask questions and find out how they work and what their philosophy is. Such meetings are free of charge. The client should be able to make a conscious decision whether the potential coach is the best possible partner in enabling personal development.

People who are in need of personal coaching usually experience hardships in their life and search for new solutions/skills in order to discover themselves. During the coaching process each client can focus on important topics such as professional or personal difficulties. People who get most out of life coaching are the ones who acknowledge that their patterns are ineffective and need to develop new ones in order to solve problems.

If you are interested in life coaching make an appointment for a free of charge session and let us help you decide what kind of support is ideal for you.