Business Coaching

Your team needs change? Or maybe your employee needs tools to develop more effectively? Are you considering business coaching? We have many ideas. We also have experience in working with firms and companies. We would like to work with you.

We specialize in business coaching. We address our coaching offer to companies of all kinds because we honestly believe that coaching is an effective tool dedicated to introducing wide changes. Our coaching methods range from team coaching to business coaching for individual employees.


Business coaching for teams
Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on a group of employees standing before an important challenge.
Such challenges as:

  • business change (change of superior, company structure, owner or responsibility description),
  • creating a new team (team building, identifying advantages/disadvantages),
  • team conflict,
  • setting new goals, creating new visions.

A coach introduces a coaching method to the team and in effect:

  • the team works out a common goal and future oriented changes,
  • the team devises an action plan to achieve the determined goal,
  • the team develops cooperation principles that will support them while achieving their goal,
  • the team acknowledges the ineffectual existing patterns and substitutes them with new creative solutions,
  • the team acknowledges the diversity of its members, their advantages and disadvantages,
  • the team solves conflicts, clears atmosphere and introduces new quality to their cooperation.


Business coaching for selected employees
Individual Business Coaching

Individual business coaches are an option for employees who:

  • prepare of the realization of new goals and professional challenges,
  • need to discover and develop personal resources, talents and potential,
  • lack new ideas for dealing with repetitive difficulties,
  • have encountered a professional deadlock and search for inspiration,
  • want to obtain new methods of functioning in their professional environment (coworkers, supervisors, subordinates),
  • approach a professional revolution (promotion, reorganization),
  • want to exercise and improve specific skills: keynote or managerial.

What are the profits of individual business coaching?

  • specific answers to specific questions and an individual action plan,
  • greater self-awareness,
  • support of a professional coach in a difficult moment,
  • new skills/knowledge,
  • new tools/techniques for further self-coaching.