Need for a training project?

Your team needs education? Are you planning development workshops? Consider coaching in Warsaw. In Poland? Do you want to organize training projects for your offices abroad?

Training sessions also belong to our line of business. After verifying your needs we design a workshop program concentrated on expertise adjusted to expectations and capabilities. In training we use coaching strategies based on the groups’ resources where we encourage to take responsibility for individual personal change and to find useful solutions. We want the participants to obtain ready to implement ideas, expertise and techniques.

Workshops that improve managerial coaching skills belong to our special line of trainings. If managers or project leaders in your company desire to work with their teams using specific coaching techniques these educational projects by WINGS are aimed at them.


Our workshops teach coaching techniques which can be used:
  • to build, develop and/or rediscover motivation processes (individual and the coworkers’),
  • to support everyday managerial tasks – from strategy planning to personal realization of company concepts or assigning tasks, building one’s authority to creating and effective team,
  • to give effective individual and team feedback,
  • to manage conflicts of relations and conflicts of interests,
  • to exploit the team’s potential while realizing tasks.
The ability of adapting coaching philosophy and techniques allows:
  • to create an involved and independent team with the understanding and capability of taking responsibility for the final result,
  • well-balanced exploitation of the manager’s potential and the potential of his/her subordinates.


We also train the following:
  • Coaching methods of employee/client dialog
  • Coaching faculties for internal coaches
  • Train The Trainer workshops
  • Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal and communication
  • Assertiveness and emotional intelligence
  • Providing feedback
  • Conducting the assessment and evalutaion sessions with the employees
  • Activating work energy – from outer to inner motivation
  • Difficult situations in business relations – action patterns
  • Conflict as an opportunity for team development
  • Leader as a role model based on personal values


Prior to developing project workshops we diagnose accordingly in order to adjust as well as possible to the development needs of the company and to the needs of the individual participants. Upon request of business clients we design and host trainings and coaching in Warsaw and at any desired location.

Training? Coaching? Warsaw? Poland? We are available at your request.

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